We are proud of our internal control system. Many years of experience in maintenance work is collected in two binders. When the local el.tilsyn was on supervision, the verdict was clear: No comments and no discrepancies. We like that!

A good system is essential to take advantage of the story. We have first-class hardware and proprietary databases to keep track of customers' equipment. But most important of all is that the data comes from installers and into the server. Our technicians therefore use mobile devices that communicate directly with the computer system. It should be enough to record things at once. The mobile devices can also log on the server, and make history, manuals, regulations, standards, etc directly to your mobile / web boards / PC

Enterprise of competence?

Our General Manager has all qualifications to be registered and approved as a competent business within such traverse and chainhoists. Some customers have asked for this approval, so we've already contacted the certification body to determine the extent, and has implemented the requirements of our internal controls. The question is whether we have the capacity to keep us updated on everything in both lift and crane. On the technical side is a lift and crane very similar, but within the rules, there are large differences. We therefore leave that question for a while to If you have suggestions as customers, I hope you will contact. It is after all the customers who decide what services we perform.

“Kaospilot” or scheduled maintenance

IHeis like both. In a hectic work, we must be able to adapt. It is important that our installers have experience and knowledge to rectify an error as soon as possible. We will have as highly skilled personnel that we can have in operation a lift or crane the same today as it breaks. In addition, we must have knowledge of both electronics, mechanics, hydraulics and Stats: o) to perform maintenance that makes us a great extent prevents the elevator stops. Spare parts we have in the vehicles must be adapted to our customers and do that we "can get by" until we get any new original buttons / contactors / control cards.