Delivery time of new materials

We want our deliveries will be delivered when the customer wants it. To achieve this, we must have your order in good time. We would like to request that a minimum of 20-25 weeks to get the elevator to be used in operation. Is there really a crisis, we can manage to get some material from 7-8 weeks, but then it becomes "stress program" for both you and us. Remember to plan well in advance.

Service Contracts

All lifts in the service we have a service contract. This regulates when and how often an elevator shall be maintained. Checklist will be in the log book, and a copy attached to the invoice. If you are considering switching service partner, it is also important here to know that "things take time." A rule of thumb is that if you want a new service partner next year, this must be planned in summer / autumn before. Most vendors have 3 months notice period and the contract runs from January to January.

Rapid response

If an elevator or crane stops, you can not wait fore 12-16 weeks before we come and repair. We will in 90% of cases, repair the equipment the same day that it stops. Operation Stops will be given priority, although it tends to make the day our little torn. It's no use in equipment that does not work. If the work can not be performed during normal working hours, the contact person at the customer's attention and help to determine further progress.